Mohammad D.

Mohammad Dohadwala

Frontend Web Developer
Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Mohammad, a Senior Frontend Developer passionate about crafting stunning and user-friendly web applications. With a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and expertise in modern frameworks like React, I bring design concepts to life with precision and creativity. My commitment to delivering seamless user experiences, optimized performance, and responsive design drives my work. Explore my projects to see how I transform innovative ideas into engaging and functional digital experiences.

What I do

With over eight years of experience building software for clients worldwide, I have been passionate about coding from a young age and have honed my skills continuously. I thrive on transforming thoughts into digital products through code. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and the technologies I use.

Programming Languages

I have extensive experience in multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, C#. However, JavaScript is my preferred language no matter what I am building.

Javascript Libraries

I have worked with a wide range of libraries and frameworks such as React, Express, Next, React Native, Styled Components, Final Form, Joi, Redux, React Router, and more.

Cloud Servers

I am an AWS Certified Cloud Architect and I have spent more than 4 years maintaining EC2, Beanstalk, ECS, S3, ECR, Lambda, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, and other AWS services.

Mobile-First Websites

Most of the world uses mobile to browse websites. I use a mobile-first, offline-first approach in creating frontend systems. I use Flexbox and CSS Grid to create beautiful responsive Interfaces.

Web Frameworks & CMS

I also enjoy using popular open-source tools to create web apps like Bootstrap, VuePress, WordPress, Joomla, etc. I like to try out new modern things that are in trend.

Rest, oAuth2, Web Socket APIs

I have worked with all sorts of Backend APIs. I have created and maintained Rest APIs, and Websockets. Integration with Authenticating users with oAuth, JWT, and payment APIs like Paypal and Stripe.


MongoDB is my all-time favorite database solution. I have also worked with other Relational, Non-Relational and Realtime Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, and DynamoDB.

Development Tools

From version control using Git and SVN to CI/CD using Jenkins. I use a variety of tools to be more productive while coding. My main code editor is VS Code which I absolutely adore.